The Jade Forest – The New Sholazar Basin?

Blizzard has released some details for the first two leveling zones in Mists of Pandaria. Including the first leveling zone (levels 85-86) the Jaede Forest and the second leveling zone (86-87). The first thing I noticed was the striking resemblance of Sholazar Basin and Nagrand from Wrath of the Lich King ad The Burning Crusade. A massive and lush landscape of trees, hills, valleys, streams and lakes. The Jade Forest looks like an incredible place to spend hours farming herbs, ore and leather from the bounty of beasts hidden in the trees.

The Jade Forest

The Jade Forest

According to Blizzard we’ll enter this battle at the end of an epic naval battle off the coast, each faction will land on separate sides of the zone, the Horde on the north and the Alliance on the South. At level 85, players will discover this zone through two new factions the Jinyu (Horde) and the Hozu (Alliance) as they work their way to the middle of the zone. The zone will host Mists of Pandaria’s first dungeon: Temple of the Jade Serpent. The zones architecture and landscape looks kick ass, and it looks like a top notch place to farm beasts for leather along with herbs and ore.

Valley of the Four Winds

Entering from the east both Horde and Alliance will be able to choose to quest in the southern coastal jungle or in the Pandarian farmlands to the north.  Blizzard never seems to stop emphasizing the massive size and scale of these zones, along with the fact that we will not have access to flying mounts until we reach level 90. This zone is home of the Stormstout Brewery, the second leveling dungeon you’ll explore in MoP.

You will first encounter the Mantid in Valley of the Four Winds, an insect / praying mantis look alike race. The Mantid are somewhat of the biggest nuisance on the new continent of Pandaria and likely the antagonist of the Stormstout Brewery.

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