WoW Only Loses 100,000 Subscribers?!

Today during the Activism conference call, which is made every quarter to give updates to investors, Activism/Blizzard revealed that they lost only 100,000 subscribers during Q4 of 2011. Now, Q4 was awhile ago, and we’re already almost half way through the first quarter of 2012 so that means we really doing good. Blizzard tried to boost active WoW subscriptions by offering us free access to Diablo 3 if we promised to stick around for a year, and that seems to have worked.

Blizzard announced in September that they lost 800,000 subscribers in Q3, after losing approximately 1.1 million during the previous half of the year. WoW lives on! Where’s our new MMO anyways?

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  1. Only 100,000 is good? Well, instead of larger numbers it is; but, only by comparison. I was playing, starting with their 3rd year in Europe, on English (read UK) and German realms and I remember he anniversaries and cute companion pets, like the little white bear. Lost all that when I came back to the states (different setup). So what happened to neat pets? A short-lived 8% XP boost for the 8th anniversary. Blizzard has gotten cheap; in more than just the price of mounts, and seems to be in decline, generally. What happened to “Gained ONLY 100,000 new subscribers” or the idea of it, at least? They changed the recipe that worked. The game is still fun, but something is definitely missing. Mini-rant ends.

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