Real Money Auction House in WoW?!

Is Blizzard planning to implement a Real Money Auction House (RMAH) in World of Warcraft? I have no idea, but I got your attention didn’t I? In Blizzard’s latest master piece, Diablo 3, they are releasing one of the first real-money auction house in gaming history. It will allow players to buy and sell items using their everyday Real-Life currency (like in RL). If this works, which it will, why wouldn’t Blizzard implement a cross-realm Real Money Auction House?!

Real Money Auction House in MoP?

There’s really no reason not to do it except the time it takes to implement, and they just did all the backend work for Diablo 3, it would have been smart for them to consider implementing the same system in WoW; so did they? There’s no telling, but I’d say yes. Blizzard just recently cancelled October’s BlizzCon. They’ve been hosting BlizzCon since 2005 and have only missed one year since it’s inception. What’s so important this year that is so important that they are skipping BlizzCon? In 2006, it may have been their efforts to release the January 2007 The Burning Crusade Expansion. In 2012 it might be their frantic efforts to release MoP or maybe to support an earlier release of MoP and prepare the RMAH for MoP coming in 2013.

What do you think? Is Blizzard going to push out a RMAH for World of Warcraft? It has millions of subscribers, probably more than Diablo 3 will ever have at once.

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  1. Just came accross this, I am trying to wonder why they are pushing CRZ( Cross Realm Zones ) so hard. I say push it hard becuase it is so buggy it should no where be live right now. With blizzs past rep this is uncharacteristic of them. Those who dont know, majority of other MMO developers tend to release thier product with more bugs then Blizz does( hard to believe, but yes historically ). So why push CRZ so hard, this is where, I am wondering is it becuase they also plan to implement RMAH in MoP later this year. Outside of the other benifits of CRZ once they clean the bugs out, I can see this as a motivating factor. Question is how much money is blizz making off RMAH and is it enough for them to push for it in wow ?

    • No idea, someone might be able to guess based on Activision’s public financial statements. I haven’t heard any numbers though. You could try to figure it out yourself and let me know (:

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