MoP Monk Class Details

For Blizzard, Jack Black as Po in Kung Fu Panda wasn’t enough. This is why they are bringing us the new Pandarian race along with the brand new Monk class in their upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion. To be fair, Blizzard’s Monk concept dates back to Warcraft III days in the beginning of the last decade, far predating Kung Fu Panda. This sophisticated class is a weird mix between a shaman, healer, death knight, rogue and fury warrior, and I’ll explain why.

Your new Pandarian character will start on the Wandering Isle, a floating turtle named Shen-zin Su sun that has lost its way, that is if you choose to mix Monk with Panda. Otherwise you’ll have the option of all the other races except Worgen and Goblin. Blizzard explains that the other races will receive a big addition of animations and possibly a remake of the older low-poly count models. These other races will start in their traditional starting zones, bringing Monk style Kung-Fu to places like Azuremyst Isle, Durotar and Teldrassil.

The Monk class has a resource system that reminds us of the Death Knight hero class. The Monk is powered with Chi, which is exhausted to gain Dark Force and Light Force. The two types of forces are used in more special abilities, like a Chuck Norris style Blackout Kick or a Spinning Crane Kick. Unlike other melee classes, though, the Monk often goes barehand and barefoot in order to make a more personal connection with its target. Its melee DPS spec will use the long forgotten fist weapons while its tank spec will use… staves?

Tanking with staves? Don’t ask me, that’s what Blizzard said in their Monk panel at BlizzCon. The tank spec, also known as Brewmaster, will utilize a tanking stance while wearing leather army. The Monk will have to be an agile fighter to maintain his strength without plate armor.

How does a melee healer work? Something along the lines of when you do damage allies within your proximity gain health. Check out this ability:

“Summon a statue at the target location. Anytime you deal damage, a nearby friendly target within 20 yards of the statue will be healed. You can have up to 3 Jade Dragon Statues active at a time.”

The healing spec will be the Mistweaver and command a traditional mana bar while dropping statues that heal at proximity, similar to our present day Shaman. The Melee DPS spec, also known as Windwalker, reminds me of a rogue without the stealth and combo point system. The Monk however will have no auto attack, giving it a unique look and feel.

This is pretty much all we know about the upcoming Monk class, I think it’s sure to caption the attention of most players. Filling the old zones up once again with new alt characters, this time wielding an almost comic kung-fu / martial arts look and feel.

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