WoW Started Hard, Got Easy and Now it’s Expensive.

Heart of Aspects

WoW was pretty damn challenging in 2004. You had to collect tons of blue and purple gear to make a tanking set for the first half of Molten Core. Then you had to go around and collect Fire Resist gear. You had to kiss ass to get your spot in a guild so you could go on a raid and finally you had to regear the second half of Molten Core. Black Wing Lair was twice as difficult as that, with insane mechanics compared to today’s raids. The original Naxxramas… well, like 10 people beat that, ever. Seriously.

WoW used to be hard, then it got easy. Now anyone, literally anyone, with some PvP gear bought with gold they earned questing can join Looking For Raid and kill Deathwing. It takes a couple hours is all. In the past we had to work hard to get cool gear and mounts, now it’s practically free. Today, Blizzard is slapping a $25 price tag on it. That’s right, you can buy the coolest mount in the game for $25. Screw playing, just get your mom’s credit card and be the coolest kid in Stormwind.

Check this mount out:

You can have it on any crap character you want for only $25!

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  1. While what you are saying us true, I believe Blizzard is trying to make raiding and such more accessible to more people, therefore increasing their subscriptions and in turn their profits.

    I for one don’t miss the old wow where you had to spend weeks farming junk to make some gear tuned to very specific circumstances only to either not get a spot in the run or have the desired item given to another for no discernible reason.

  2. I agree that it would be nice to have more of a challenge, but I only agree with that during the summer. I just don’t have enough playing time during the school year to farm for “weeks”. That probably means 3-4 hours a day for 3-4 weeks which I just can’t do but I want to experience endgame just as much as the next person. And for the mounts: how many parents are going to let a kid spend $25 more dollars on a game they are already paying $15 a month on.

  3. I too think WOW is no longer challenging enough. It used to be so much fun, hard and even dangerous. Now you can fly through and not worry about dying. Kinda sucks, I still play though cause I’m still totally hooked on the game. Wish they’d stop making such major changes and making things so easy.

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