MoP Jewelcrafting (525-600)

Welcome to my Mists of Pandaria (MoP) Jewelcrafting Guide. Let’s get serious right away, you probably learned Jewelcrafting to make gold. If you want to make gold, read this guide on how to make gold. In Mists of Pandaria Jewelcrafting has received a lot of attention, along with new adjustments to gear stat bonuses, we should see added demand to a larger variety of gem cuts.  These cuts are discovered by crafting instead of doing daily quests. Serpent’s Eyes are the new jewelcrafting only gem and meta designs are bind on pickup world drops. Here’s all the details:


Once again prospecting is the core of Jewelcrafting. It’s where you find uncommon and rare uncut gems. This time around you will also find Sparkling Shards which are turned into Serpent’s Eyes (see below). Prospecting a single stack seems to result in about 1 rare gem per stack of ore and 4 uncommon gems per stack of ore.

Discovering New Gems

The way that you discover new gems in Mists of Pandaria has been changed dramatically. Instead of doing a daily quest every day to earn tokens and then spending those on a specific cut that you want to use, you will have two choices to discover a new and random cut.

The first choice is to discover through a craft, the choices are:

You can use one of these crafts each day to discover a cut of that color. You will also receive a Facets of Research, which will typically include 2 random cut gems of the color that you discovered. You will also gain 3 skill points per use.

The second way to discover new recipes is unlocked at level 550 and costs 3 Spirits of Harmony (Bind on Pickup, random world drop). It does not have a cooldown, so you can use it as many times per day as you have Spirits of Harmony. This will give players who put extra time into their jewelcrafter an edge against their competition. As a result you will receive a Facets of Research and 3 skill points.

Jewelcrafter Only Gems

As in the past expansions there is a special gem only for jewelcrafters. In Mists of Pandaria this one is called the Serpent’s Eye. It’s earned by finding 10 Sparkling Shards and combining them. These can be found by prospecting ore at a rate of about 1-4 per stack of ore (as of August 2012).

Cutting Meta Gems

Meta gem cuts are currently random world drops and are Bind on Pickup. No buying these on the auction house, you’re just going to have to play your jewelcrafter :\.

Leveling Jewelcrafting

Leveling Jewelcrafting

To level Jewelcrafting to 600, the first thing you need to do is visit your Jewelcrafting trainer and learn Zen Master Jewelcrafting. Then follow the following guide:

Levels 500-527

It’s a lot easier to level from 500-525 in Pandaria than it is in Cataclysm.  Do so by crafting Ornate Bands and Shadowfire Necklaces.

Levels 525-575

Once you reach level 525 you can start discovering gem cuts for Pandaria. You can start discovering now or wait until you reach level 575, if you wait it will save you a few gems. Otherwise, you will unlock a new uncommon gem cut every 5 levels until level 575. If you’re not level 527 from the step above, cut two uncommon gems so that you’re exactly 527.

  • Option 1 (Level 527-575): Cut 48 uncommon gems. Unlock new cuts every 5 levels.
  • Option 2 (Level 527-575): Craft a combination of 16 Ornate Bands or Shadowfire Necklaces ~ consider disenchanting

Levels 575-585

At this point you won’t get a guaranteed level each cut, but you can continue cutting uncommon gems until level 585. Otherwise, if you have any Primal Diamond cut, you can cut those until level 600.

  • Level 575-585: Cut 15 uncommon gems.

Update: You can make a lot of gold with Jewelcrafting, but if you want to step it up and make thousands of gold you should read my personal favorite guide.

Levels 585-600

Level 585 is the best time to use a research (Sun’s RadianceImperial AmethystVermilion OnyxWild JadeRiver’s Heart or Primordial Ruby). It will get you 3 levels, after that you’ll be able to use the cut you discovered 6 times to reach level 600. If you’re not in a hurry you can come back the next day and learn another cut for 3 more levels.

  • Level 585-588: Perform a discovery listed above.
  • Level 588-600: Cut 6 gems that you learned in the above discovery.

Congrats on getting level 600 Jewelcrafting!

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