MoP Inscription Guide (Levels 525-600)

Welcome to my Mists of Pandaria (MoP) Inscription Guide. Let’s cut to the chase, if you’re here to learn how to make gold from Inscription you should read this how to make gold guide. If you’re here to level as fast and efficiently as you can, scroll down to the leveling section. Otherwise, check out the rest of the guide it contains a lot of helpful information.

Glyphs in Mists of Pandaria are getting a face lift, but Inscription will be very similar to what we are used to. In additional to the typical glyph crafting, scribes will also be able to craft powerful staves (BoP), off-hands (BoE), both BoP and BoE shoulder enchants, Darkmoon Cards and some other goodies in MoP. If you want to be the first to level 600 with your scribe, here is what you will need to do when Mists of Pandaria goes live. First, let’s take a look at the new Inks:

  • Ink of Dreams created with 2 Shadow Pigment, you will use a lot of this ink leveling. You will be able to trade Ink of the Dreams in for all other normal quality inks of past expansions.
  • Starlight Ink created with 2 Misty Pigment. This Ink is used to create powerful stuff around level 570. Turn all your Misty Pigment into Starlight Ink and save it for later.
  • Tome of the Clear Mind replaces Dust of Disappearance, these will be created by combining 1 Light Parchment and 1 Ink of Dreams. These can also be purchased from vendors.

To build up your stash of ink and pigments, you will need to mill through level 85-90 herbs found in Pandaria as well as have your inscription to level 500. These herbs include:

  • Golden Lotus (level 90) – Don’t mill Golden Lotus, this is the Frost Lotus / super-rare herb in Pandaria.
  • Fool’s Cap (level 88) – Found at level 90 in the Jade Forest
  • Snow Lily (level 87) – Found on the snowy mountains in Kun-Lai Summit
  • Silkweed (level 86) – Found primarily in the Valley of the Four Winds
  • Rain Poppy (level 85) – Found in the Jade Forest
  • Green Tea Leaf (level 85) – Found in both the Jade Forest and the Valley of the Four Winds

Leveling Inscription

MoP Inscription Guide

You need to be at least level 500 and level 80 to unlock Zen Inscription. You can do this at any Inscription trainer in the game. Once you become a Zen Scribe you can start by milling any of the herbs listed above. Expect to get about 10 Shadow Pigment (5 Ink of Dreams) each time you mill through a full stack of 20 MoP herbs. You should also get, on average, 1 Misty Pigment per stack of ink. Once you have some Ink of Dreams you can get started leveling:

Levels 500-546

At level 500 (or level 525) you can start combining Shadow Pigment into Ink of Dreams. If you’re leveling Inscription to 600, chances are you’re going to want a huge stash of Ink of Dreams, so you might as well create them all now until you’re level 545.

At level 540 you will unlock Scroll of Wisdom, wait to level 445 to use it to reach level 446. Use this every day from here on out. These are extremely valuable Bind on Pickup Inscription reagents. As a result you will receive 1) A Scroll of Wisdom and 2) You will discover a new glyph.

Levels 546-595

If you’re power leveling to 600, just craft whatever glyph you discovered in the last step until level 595.

Levels 595-600

At level 595 you will be able to craft: Greater Crane Wing Inscription, Greater Ox Horn Inscription, Greater Tiger Claw Inscription and Grater Tiger Fang Inscription. These should all sell very well on your auction house and you should already have the Starlight Ink needed to craft 3. I recommend the Tiger Claw version, since it seems to sell the best.

Common Questions

Is Scroll of Wisdom a daily cooldown?

Yes, this will effectively slow down the creation of some powerful stuff in MoP such as the epic iLvl 470 staves epic iLvl 476 off-hands. The staves take 20 Scrolls of Wisdom (20 days) and the off-hands cost 5 (5 days). The Scrolls are Bind on Pickup, so they can not be traded. One Scroll of Wisdom will also be required to create a random Darkmoon Card; limiting the creation of 1 per day.

Mists of Pandaria Darkmoon Cards?
These will work just like in Cataclsym except they will require 1 Spirit of Harmony and 1 Scroll of Wisdom. This means that you can create, at most, 1 card per day and it will be random. You will also need to actively play your character to find a Spirit of Harmony, since they are BoP world drops.

MoP Inscription Shoulder Enchants?
Just like in past expansions, scribes can create personalized shoulder enchants; these are Bind on Pickup. However this time around they can create Bind on Equip enchants as well. These are less powerful. For example Greater Ox Horn Inscription (BoE – 300 Stamina and 150 Dodge) vs. Secret Ox Horn Inscription (BoP – 750 Stamina and 150 Dodge).

How to make gold with Inscription in Mists of Pandaria?
There are a few ways to make gold. The most obvious is to create Darkmoon Cards every day and while you have enough Spirit of Harmony. You will also be able to make tradable inscriptions (seen above) and BoE iLvl 476 off-hands. Like always, crafting glyphs is going to be a huge business. There are 57 new glyphs in MoP that are unlocked by crafting a Scroll of Wisdom (once a day). It will take most players 2 months to craft scrolls. Setup your glyph market on day 1 and keep adding to it.

What happens to old glyph recipes?
It looks like you will be able to learn all of the other glyph recipes from the trainer. Books of Discovery and other methods of discovery will no longer be useful.

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