Grinding Levels 50-58 – Alliance

Right around level 50 you get this idea that you’ll be level 58 soon and you’ll be able to head to Outlands. That’s exciting and is usually the motivation I need to keep knocking out the levels. Instead of doing the same quests over and over, sometimes grinding can be more profitable, enjoyable and even faster. Here are my favorite places to grind my way to level 58.

Grinding in Burning Steppes (Levels 51-54)

On the eastern side of Burning Steppes there is a large area where you’ll find Dragonkin and Worgs wondering around. You can slaughter these endlessly for Rugged Leather, gold or just experience. Run north and south between the mountains and you shouldn’t run out of things to kill.

Farming Burning Steppes 51-54

Grinding in Blasted Lands (Level 54-58)

Once you’re level 54 you can head to the Blasted Lands. Starting in the northwest, you’ll find boars, crocolisks, hyenas and best of all ogres. These Dreadmaul ogres are in abundance and are easy to kill. Stay south of Dreadmaul Hold, since there are level 65 humanoids around that will rock your world.

At level 57 leveling might be a bit slow in the northwest, to speed it up you can head to the Tainted Forest where you will find all sorts of beasts from bears to bats. You’ll also find elementals and demons. Stay here until you reach level 58, although you could stay well into your 60s if you wanted.

Farming in Blasted Lands 54-60

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