Grinding Levels 30-40 – Alliance

Grinding your way to max level or just looking for another place to level without doing the same quests over and over isn’t as hard as it might seem. There are actually some extremely efficient places to level without using quests. At level 30 you can hit up both Cape of Stranglethorn and Western Plaguelands. At level 39 you’ll want to head to Eastern Plaguelands (not included below) which you can find more details about in the level 40-50 section.

Cape of Stranglethorn (30-34)

Once you reach level 30 you can head straight to Cape of Stranglethorn, which is the southern part of Stranglethorn Vale. You can get there by flying or taking a boat to Booty Bay and then heading north. This is a great place to grind your way through the first half of level 30.

The first location, seen on the map below, is to the south and east of of the arena. The arena is the giant “colosseum” you see on the map. The area outside the arena is filled with trolls and raptors. You’ll find all that you need to kill until you reach level 32.

Once you reach level 32 it’s a good idea to head south on the road to Mistvale Valley. Here you will find a similar combination of trolls and raptors, but you’ll also find a fair amoutn of gorillas. These gorillas are great for farming leather, so make sure you skin everyone of them if you can. You can stay at this second spot until level 34 and then you’ll want to head to Western Plaguelands.

Grinding in Cape of Stranglethorn

Western Plaguelands (34-39)

At level 34 the best place to grind your way through the levels is Western Plaguelands. There are two places to farm here, the first is on the western side south of Felstone Field and along the road. Here you’ll find beasts that can also be skinned including bears and fox. Once you reach level 37 you can head east to Gahrron’s Withering. There’s no beasts here, instead you’ll find undead humanoids that drop cloth. Stick around until level 39. Once you reach level 39 check out the level 40-50 grinding leveling guide.

Western Plaguelands 34-39

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