Flying Mounts in Mists of Pandaria

UpdateWhere do you learn to fly in Pandaria? It’s called Wisdom of the Four Winds, costs 2,500 gold and can be learned at your faction’s Pandaria capitol. Clourunner Leng (Shrine of the Seven Stars) or Skydancer Shun (Shrine of the Two Moons). You can learn this at level 90, no sooner.

Update: What new flying mounts are there in MoP? There are at least 31 new flying mounts, including Cloud Serpents, Panthers, Phoenix, Kites (yes, I’m serious), Drakes, Rockets, Discs and some other quirky stuff. See a full list at WoWHead.

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Cataclysm was a huge expansion. It included the redesign of most of the zones in Eastern Kingdoms and in Kalimdor. This included reworking thousands of quests. They added two new races along with two new starting zones. They introduced 5 new zones and around a dozen dungeons. But somehow players seemed to race through that content in just a day or two and were raiding, running dungeons and doing whatever they do best before we knew it.


This leveling experience in Cataclysm left a bad taste in some players mouth. During Wrath of the Lich King some of the fastest players still spent several days leveling to 80 and most casuals spent a week exploring the extremely rich and dynamic Northrend continent. What was once the biggest goal during The Burning Crusade, a epic flying mount, was now practically required to level through Cataclysm efficiently.

Leave your Flyer at Home

For the first time since Wrath of the Lich King, players will have to actually explore the new Pandaria zones on foot and on the back of their favorite ground-tethered mount. No longer will players accept quests, mount up, zoom to the other side of the zone and drop down on their current objective. This may seem like a subtle difference but I think it will bring the 85 to 90 leveling experience back to life. The challenges of Wrath of the Lich King will return and you’ll have more than just the opportunity to explore the zones, but you’ll have incentive to do so since it will be the only way to complete the content before level 90.

Farming at 90

There is no plan to restrict flying mounts at level 90 though. Farming will take on the same look and feel as it has for 3 expansions now. Fly from node to node or from one group of mobs to another.

What do you think the effect of removing flying mounts before level 90 will have on Mists of Pandaria?

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  1. I dont mind having to run on foot but im sick of paying thousands of gold every expansion just to have access to use things i already own… ( Like Flying Mounts ). Stop charging us an upkeep i paid the 5k for outlands and 3k for northren and 3k for the full azeroth flying on top of access to basic-epic flight training.

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