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Protected: WoW Farming Guide (Exclusive)

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Farming Lichbloom

Lichbloom is very valuable to but also very similar to Icethorn. They are both worth about the same (1-5 gold each) and are both found in the same place (Stormpeaks and Icecrown). Lichbloom will sell best in stacks of 20 and you’ll need to be level 78 or higher, have an epic flying mount and […]

World of Warcraft – The New Diablo?

Many players went directly from Diablo 2 to World of Warcraft back in 2004. This transition sent them from an easy hack and slash linear progression game into one of the more challenging MMOs created in the 21st century. Players had to fight through 60 levels before being able to explore end-game content. This took […]

Farming Liferoot

Liferoot is a fantastic herb to farm, although its value is usually very volatile ranging anywhere from 50 silver to 3 gold per herb or 10 gold to 60 gold per stack. I highly recommend you visit your auction house or The Undermine Journal to check the price of this herb before you go and […]