Farming: Skinning

Farming Prismatic Scales

Prismatic Scales are the new secondary leather type collected in Mists of Pandaria. You may remember Blackened Dragonscale from Cataclysm, this leather trade good is very different. It will be used in combination with Sha Leather and Magnificent Hides by Leatherworkers to craft the newest high end gear. You can expect to farm Prismatic Scales […]

Farming Deepsea Scales

Deepsea Scales are used by Leatherworkers to craft several of their level 80-85 Leatherworking gear. They are also reasonably easy to farm and worth about 4-5 gold each on the auction house. Although they are worth as much as 40 gold on some realms. Needless to say, if you want to make some gold and […]

Farming Exotic Leather

Exotic Leather is the main type of leather in Mists of Pandaria. It’s very valuable, usually worth anywhere from 2 to 6 gold each. It tends to be more valuable on smaller realms and less valuable onĀ largerĀ ones. It’s used by Leatherworkers and sells best in stacks of 20. You can find it from just about […]

Farming Borean Leather

Borean Leather is a great leather to farm if you have Skinning at level 375 or higher. It sells great on the auction house, for anywhere from 80 silver to 5 gold each. That’s 20 gold to 100 gold a stack and there are many many stacks waiting to be skinned off beasts in Northrend. […]

Farming Knothide Leather

Knothide Leather is a great leather to farm. It’s one of the more obscure leathers to see on the auction house but it is still needed from level 300 to 375 Leatherworking. Players will need a lot of regular Knotehide Leather as well as some Heavy Knothide Leather before they even get to Borean Leather. […]

Farming Blackened Dragonscale

Blackened Dragonscale is used by Leatherworkers to make dozens of level 80-85 items.

Farming Savage Leather

Savage Leather is the primary trade good used by Leatherworkers. It’s skinned off of any level 80+ beast in the new Cataclysm zones, so we want to find where there are a lot of beasts close together, that respawn fast and are easy to kill. Savage Leather sells for about 3-6 gold each or 60-120 […]

Farming Rugged Leather

Rugged Leather is often in very short supply. When it is, it will sell for as much as 200 gold but usually floats between 50 and 100 gold.

Farming Thick Leather

You can farm a lot of Thick Leather in Badlands and Un’Goro Crater and make a lot of gold doing it.

Farming Heavy Leather

Farming Heavy Leather is a great way to make gold. It sells for anywhere in between 40 and 100 gold per stack on the auction house.