Farming: Levels 85-90

Farming Spirits of Harmony

Spirits of Harmony are found all over the continent of Pandaria. They are the new elemental trade good, which is both Bind on Pickup and a random world drop. They are created by combining 10 Motes of Harmony, so technically you’ll be farming Motes of Harmony not Spirits of Harmony. In order to Farm Motes […]

Farming Snow Lily

Snow Lily is another valuable herb in Pandaria. It’s used in flasks, potions and elixirs and might even be purchased by scribes looking to mill herbs for pigments. Unfortunately, along with Green Tea Leaf, Snow Lily is the most abundant herb gathered in Pandaria. This causes its price to be somewhat low but also causes […]

Farming Fool’s Cap

Fool’s Cap is the highest level regular herb, making it the most valuable herb aside from Golden Lotus. It can only be found in a few select places in Dread Wastes and in Townlong Steppes. It’s used to make a few potions, elixirs and Flask of Winter’s Bite (+1 strength). It’s best to sell these […]

Farming Silkweed

Silkweed is another valuable herb to farm, it’s not as abundant as some other herbs (Rain Poppy & Green Tea Leaf) but it can be farmed effectively if you know where to look. It’s used by alchemists to make the Flask of the Warm Sun (+int). It will also sell to scribes who are looking […]

Farming Green Tea Leaf

There is no shortage of Green Tea Leaf in Pandaria. This is among the most abundant herbs and one of the easiest to farm. There are a few factors that come into play to help determine its price. First, it’s found in large quantities only in Jade Forest, so the only people who will have […]

Farming Rain Poppy

Rain Poppy is the first herb you will encounter in Pandaria. It’s found exclusively in the Pandaria starting zone Jade Forest. It’s still valuable because it is actually one of the easier herbs to farm and it sells in high volume to scribes who want to mill herbs for pigments. Rain Poppy sells best in […]

Farming Golden Lotus

Golden Lotus is the uncommon herb in Mists of Pandaria. Although it’s more ‘rare’ than it is uncommon. It can be found anywhere in Pandaria as long as you’ve got your herbalism up to level 550. During Wrath of the Lich King Frost Lotus was the uncommon quality herb used in elixirs and other crafting […]

Farming Prismatic Scales

Prismatic Scales are the new secondary leather type collected in Mists of Pandaria. You may remember Blackened Dragonscale from Cataclysm, this leather trade good is very different. It will be used in combination with Sha Leather and Magnificent Hides by Leatherworkers to craft the newest high end gear. You can expect to farm Prismatic Scales […]

Farming Windwool Cloth

Windwool Cloth is the new cloth type coming in Mists of Pandaria. It drops off of any humanoid in Pandaria, the higher the level of the humanoid, the higher the drop rate. It is used in the early tier Tailoring recipes to make PvP and level 85-87 PvE/leveling gear. In both Cataclysm and Wrath of […]

Farming Exotic Leather

Exotic Leather is the main type of leather in Mists of Pandaria. It’s very valuable, usually worth anywhere from 2 to 6 gold each. It tends to be more valuable on smaller realms and less valuable onĀ largerĀ ones. It’s used by Leatherworkers and sells best in stacks of 20. You can find it from just about […]