Farming: Levels 70-80

Farming Deepsea Scales

Deepsea Scales are used by Leatherworkers to craft several of their level 80-85 Leatherworking gear. They are also reasonably easy to farm and worth about 4-5 gold each on the auction house. Although they are worth as much as 40 gold on some realms. Needless to say, if you want to make some gold and […]

Farming Talandra’s Rose

Talandra’s Rose is one of those obscure herbs from back in Northrend / Wrath of the Lich King. Farming it is easy, since it’s only found in Zul’Drak. Not many people go out of their way to farm it though, because of where it’s located. Due to this, there are usually very few on the […]

Farming Adder’s Tongue

So you want to farm Adder’s Tongue? This herb is used a lot by players with Inscription who want to find level 70-80 pigment through milling. It’s usually among the cheapest herbs for sale on the auction house as far as Northrend Herbs. It sells best in stacks of 10 and 20 for as much […]

Farming Goldclover

Goldclover, along with Tiger Lily, is the first tier herb in Wrath of the Lich King. This makes it usually the cheapest herb to buy on the auction house when players level their Inscription and need a level 70-80 herb. It’s also relatively rare because players don’t exactly go back to Northrend and farm this […]

Farming Tiger Lily

The price of Tiger Lily fluctuates between 1 and 5 gold, making it a great herb to farm. It sells fast to players who are leveling the alchemy and inscription. You can farm it once you have level 375 Herbalism and as soon as you can kill level 75-77 mobs. Since there are not a […]

Farming Borean Leather

Borean Leather is a great leather to farm if you have Skinning at level 375 or higher. It sells great on the auction house, for anywhere from 80 silver to 5 gold each. That’s 20 gold to 100 gold a stack and there are many many stacks waiting to be skinned off beasts in Northrend. […]

Farming Frostweave Cloth

Farming Frostweave is surprisingly profitable compared to farming Netherweave. This is because Frostweave is much more valuable on the auction house, anywhere from 1.5 gold to 5 gold depending on your realm per cloth. That’s 30 to 100 gold per stack! Tailors still use this stuff to make gear, usually to disenchant and sell the […]

Farming Titanium Ore

Titanium Ore is the rare ore in Northrend. It sells from 7 to 30 gold each depending on your realm and whether or not its even available for sale and whether or not someone wants some. Its mostly bought by players who want to make end-game level 80 gear for fun, need a Titanium Rod […]

Farming Saronite Ore

Saronite Ore tends to be a little more valuable than Cobalt Ore. It’s found in the higher level zones in Northrend and is a great ore to farm. If you’re farming Saronite Ore in Icecrown, you will also find a lot of Titanium Ore. You will need level 400 mining and you will want to […]

Farming Cobalt Ore

Cobalt Ore is great to farm, it is usually worth between 1 and 5 gold on most realms. It’s used a lot by Blacksmiths, Engineers and by prospecting Jewelcrafters. It is the lowest level and most abundant herb in Northrend. You should be at least level 68-69 to farm and have decent gear. To farm […]