Farming: Levels 30-40

Grinding Levels 30-40 – Alliance

Grinding your way to max level or just looking for another place to level without doing the same quests over and over isn’t as hard as it might seem. There are actually some extremely efficient places to level without using quests. At level 30 you can hit up both Cape of Stranglethorn and Western Plaguelands. […]

Farming Blindweed

Blindweed is a wonderful herb to farm, it’s used by alchemists and scribes who are leveling through the first 300 levels of their new professions. You won’t be able to sell a lot of it on the auction house but it can go for 5-10 gold or even more. On some realms the price is […]

Farming Khadgar’s Whisker

Khadgar’s Whisker is an early 40s herb that you will find in abundance in the plaguelands (similar to Liferoot and Sungrass). It’s a great herb to farm because you will find a huge variety of herbs while you farm it. Unfortunately, Khadgar’s Whisker itself is usually only worth 10-30 gold per stack. It also sells […]

Farming Liferoot

Liferoot is a fantastic herb to farm, although its value is usually very volatile ranging anywhere from 50 silver to 3 gold per herb or 10 gold to 60 gold per stack. I highly recommend you visit your auction house or The Undermine Journal to check the price of this herb before you go and […]

Farming Gold Ore

Farming Gold Ore is a great way to make gold. There usually isn’t much gold ore or gold bars on the auction house, and as a miner you can smelt the gold ore into gold bars to sell them that way. When farming Gold Ore you will also find yourself collecting a lot of Iron […]

Farming Iron Ore

Iron Ore is a level 30 ore that require level 100 mining to farm. It is usually worth about 20 gold per stack but can often be in very low supply on your auction house. It sells best in stacks of 20 like most other ore and to Blacksmiths. It is used to create a […]

Farming Heavy Leather

Farming Heavy Leather is a great way to make gold. It sells for anywhere in between 40 and 100 gold per stack on the auction house.

Farming Silk Cloth

Silk Cloth sells anywhere between 5 and 15 gold per stack. The best way to farm it is with a level 50 or higher character who can go into Scarlet Monastery and solo the mobs.

Farming Fadeleaf

Fadeleaf is a popular herb that sells for more than 20 gold a stack and often as high as 40 gold a stack.