Farming: Herbalism

Farming Netherbloom

If you’re looking for something unique to farm that well sell for a decent amount but at a slow rate then Netherbloom is a perfect candidate. Check the prices on your realm, I typically see 4-20 gold per Netherbloom but I have also seen prices drop to less than a gold at which point it […]

Farming Adder’s Tongue

So you want to farm Adder’s Tongue? This herb is used a lot by players with Inscription who want to find level 70-80 pigment through milling. It’s usually among the cheapest herbs for sale on the auction house as far as Northrend Herbs. It sells best in stacks of 10 and 20 for as much […]

Farming Felweed

Felweed is the first herb you will find in the Outlands, you also will not find it anywhere else except in the Outlands. This makes it a profitable herb to farm, since not many people travel through the Dark Portal to go to the Outlands anyways, especially to farm herbs. Herbalists who level from 60 […]

Farming Goldclover

Goldclover, along with Tiger Lily, is the first tier herb in Wrath of the Lich King. This makes it usually the cheapest herb to buy on the auction house when players level their Inscription and need a level 70-80 herb. It’s also relatively rare because players don’t exactly go back to Northrend and farm this […]

Farming Tiger Lily

The price of Tiger Lily fluctuates between 1 and 5 gold, making it a great herb to farm. It sells fast to players who are leveling the alchemy and inscription. You can farm it once you have level 375 Herbalism and as soon as you can kill level 75-77 mobs. Since there are not a […]

Farming Black Lotus

A single Black Lotus herb is worth anywhere from 1 to 300 gold depending on the buyer and reason that they are buying. I’m honesty not sure why players spend a lot of gold on Black Lotus but you can be sure I’m not going to ask questions when I sell one of these for […]

Farming Sorrowmoss

Farming Sorrowmoss is really easy, you can find stacks of it in a matter of minutes. It might not be worth much on your auction house though, ranging from 50 silver to 5 gold each depending your economy. It’s used in classic elixirs and to level alchemy to 300, so it may not sell very […]

Farming Mountain Silversage

Farming Mountain Silversage is pretty profitable, considering Mountain Silversage is worth as much as 100 gold per stack. Be careful on some realms there is so much Silversage on the auction house already that you won’t be able to sell any. It sells best in stacks of 5, 10 and 20 but might take awhile […]

Farming Gromsblood

Farming Gromsblood is easy, but it’s not used for a whole lot. I assume if you’re here you have a reason to collect Gromsblood or maybe you just want a full collection of herbs to sell on the auction house. Gromsblood sells in the range of 1 to 10 gold depending on your realm, but […]

Farming Blindweed

Blindweed is a wonderful herb to farm, it’s used by alchemists and scribes who are leveling through the first 300 levels of their new professions. You won’t be able to sell a lot of it on the auction house but it can go for 5-10 gold or even more. On some realms the price is […]