Farming Windwool Cloth

Windwool Cloth
Windwool Cloth
Item Level: 86
Where to Farm: Pandaria
Recommended Level: 86+

Windwool Cloth is the new cloth type coming in Mists of Pandaria. It drops off of any humanoid in Pandaria, the higher the level of the humanoid, the higher the drop rate. It is used in the early tier Tailoring recipes to make PvP and level 85-87 PvE/leveling gear.

In both Cataclysm and Wrath of the Lich King Northern Cloth Scavenging played a critical role in increasing Tailors drop rate of cloth. If you didn’t have this ability you could not really farm Embersilk or Netherweave efficiently. We don’t know yet if this passive will play a role in Mists of Pandaria, if it will be replaced with something new or if Blizzard will level the playing field by letting everyone farm windwool cloth equally.

Windwool is good to farm because it sells at a very sable rate. There’s little or no chance that you will farm a bunch of Windwool only to find out that you can’t find a buyer. Tailors use Windwool very quickly, since Bolts of Windwool Cloth are their main reagent. You should sell Windwool Cloth in stacks of 20 on the auction house or in bulk in trade chat.

Update: You can make a lot of gold with Windwool Cloth, but if you want to step it up and make thousands of gold you should read my personal favorite guide.

Where to Farm Windwool Cloth

Like I mentioned above, all level 85-90 humanoids in Pandaria drop Windwool Cloth. The trick is to find an area with a high density and fast respawn of humanoids. I have a few favorite places, if you have any of your own please share in the comments below.

Farming Windwool in Kun-Lai Summit

The best place to farm Windwool that I know of is from the humanoid camps in southern Kun-Lai Summit. The reason I like this place is because the mobs are easy to kill and all over the place. There are two camps with Ordo mobs and one camp with Ruqin mobs. Each works great. This map shows where these camps are located:

Farming Windwool Cloth in Kun-Lai

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  1. Hi, one of the best places I heard farming windwool cloth is at ‘valley of the four winds’ area, roughty around the middle, could you confirm this? 🙂

    • Yep, this is actually a place I found while leveling. The Ordo and the Ruqin, is that what you were talking about?

    • the best place to farm windwool cloth is a island below krasarang called unga INgoo kill the unga villagers, potion of luck will help 😛 make alot of gold as well 😎

  2. Are there any like there are embersilk?

    • For embersilk farming if that’s what you are asking head to deepholm with a potion of treasure finding (or two) and go south west of the map to a place called the jagged front I think it’s near Stoneheath. There you will see a battle betwen the stone dwarves and some troggs. These trogs come in groups of 2, 5 and 8, they spawn pretty rapidly and drop 5-10 embersilk cloth. The Potion of Treasure finding is very useful as you will have a small chance of getting a tiny tresure chest with gold, more embersilk cloth and different other materials and armor and weps. Hope that helped 🙂

      • Nah man,i am just starting to farm for windwool and came across this, the best place for embersilk is in deepholm but its up north east,on the map where it is purple,i think its crimson something or other. Fly up high enough there are a lot of troggs there,id say about 60-70 and they spawn less than a minute after being killed,its a nice route so once you run it the ones you killed first have already spawned! Take a potion of treasure finding up there and youl make embersilk like crazy,got 35 1/2 stacks today in 1 hour

        • So glad people are still farming deepholm for embersilk. I farm up about 3000-3200 embersilk an hour and never have any competition 😛

      • sorry to inform you but for embersilk your wrong go to crushblow in twilight and wipe out all the ogres with a potion of treasure finding you can farm 1000+ per hour depending on your class just agro shit outta everything and aoe best way to farm ember 😉

  3. tbh i found the best area to farm them.its a cave at kun-lai which also gives a lot of items + mote of harmony 🙂 its just at the way after Onekeg

  4. the cave just above your top circle its right above One Keg has sprites, they pop out of snow in large groups in some areas you can farm them and if you use a potion of treasure finding you get even more gold/cloth they also seem to drop a high amount of mote of harmony i had 3 spirits in about 45m

  5. I found that Windward Isle (the little island on the top right of Jade Forest) is a really good place to farm the cloth. Also lots of motes of harmony drop as well as lockboxes.

  6. went to these places you have circled, killed all the ordo and never got one piece of cloth.

    • Same. I don’t even want to calculate how many mobs I killed. The cave by One-Keg is much better – at least on my realm. ❗

  7. tried all the circled places and the cave above One Keg, in total 7 pieces of windwool cloth… Really not worth it.
    Haven’t tried windward isle yet.

    • Actually, I just farmed for about 1.5 hours in the one keg cave (Howlingwind Cavern, I believe it’s called) and I got almost 100 bolts.

      You must just have had rotten luck.

  8. The same story on windward isle, I’m afraid… 🙁

    • The specific areas do not have any higher of a drop rate than other areas. These are ideal farming places due to the quantity of enemies. Most humanoids have the exact same drop rate as any other humanoids. Simply, you’re just unlucky. The spots however are fine.

    • Might be a dumb question, but do you have “Northern Cloth Scavenging”??

  9. Can confirm extra windwool drops for tailors. A friend an I were farming osul with free for all loot on. She looted, and I still had loot waiting for me — just windwool.

    We worked the routes above for 45 min and got 6 stacks.

  10. All of the circled places work fine. they don’t drop like embersilk does in Deepholm, but they do drop almost every kill.

  11. you are such a troll, this is the WORST place to farm. 1 cloth per 5 kills, horrible!

  12. Well.. i found the Howlingwind cave the best place to farm windwool cloth. I’m almost at 600 in Tailoring so that helps alot on the drop. I tried farming with my DK, wich do not have tailoring, and i used 45minutes to get stock. With my rogue (Tailoring) i used 10-15 minutes on just over 1 stock. So i would say, Howlingwind Cave is the best place to farm Windwool Cloth.

  13. I am afraid that most of the posters are cloth masters and get cloth drops from everything in the game. Making it impossible to truly judge the worth of a spot for active farming.
    I find the windward isle drops more Exotic Leather than Windwool Cloth. Then again I am a 600 Skinner.

  14. Ok 2 mages using potion of luck, 1 600 tailor/cook. In 15 minutes tailor collected 60+ windwool and various other goods to sell or cook.
    So tailors have the ability it would seem to collect 240 cloth an hour at an average AH price of 35g (my server) …. or 4200g an hour plus added gold/loot drops.

  15. i know of a good place to farm windwool. the cave by arboretum, it contains the brew hozens. they drop alot of windwool and motes. also the island in upper left corner, has the area of sprites they also drop a good amount of windwool.

  16. thts in townlong stepps.

  17. The place that I would recommend is Dread Wastes. The Dread Wastes zone features a large Sha-touched zone, with ends touching the Gate of the Setting Sun and the Serpent’s Spine near the Valley of Four Winds.

    About mid-way along each of these arms, you’ll start encountering groups of Mantid warriors, led by a Mantid Slayer. These are perfect for pulling as a group; as a Blood DK, I’ve simultaneously pulled two of these groups, two of the wandering scorpion riders AND a patrolling stone giant, all at the same time.

    By focusing strictly on these “mid-arms” and concentrating on these particular mobs, I’ve spent an hour farmign and gotten an average 4 Spirits of Harmony and many stacks of Windwool Cloth.

    (Just avoid going right to the ends; the south features Elite mobs, which take longer to kill, while the nothern end has hundreds of mobs which don’t drop a single thing.)

  18. there is another place in krasarang wilds, note you may want to be fairly geared or a tank that knows what you are doing.

    and you have to have at least unlocked the dominance offensive dailies.
    go to the lions landing “main base” just in front of it are the barricades just weave in and out of the barricades and pick up the lvl 90 npc’s there

    though the drop rate is not extremely high, there are plenty of npc’s in the area and the respawn is fast, by the time I finish 2-3 pulls the first wave respawns again

  19. A greate guide to widwool cloth farm, but a comment to youre footnote on lvling guide.
    5 Days is loooong for lvling 1-85…
    I’m a casual gamer and my playtime is 4 days – 10 hrs – 16 min from lvl 1-90 where I got over 7 hrs on lvl 90….
    So lvling 1-85 in 5 days is a poor guide if you ask me 😉

  20. kun-lai summit. the ordos villages worked very wel for me.
    40 minutes of farming, so potions of luck gave me. 4 harmony, 81 bolt, 30+ greens to DE, 27 black trillium, 24 white, 21 ghost iron, and 17 exotix leather. plus around 400 gold.

    so yeah it does work

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