Farming Volatile Life

Volatile Life
Volatile Life
Item Level: 83
Where to Farm: Mt. Hyjal
Skill Requirement: Herbalism Level 425
Recommended Level: 80+

Volatile Life is usually one of the more expensive Volatile on the auction house.  This is partly because it is not really possible to farm it. In order to gather Volatile Life, you need to be a Herbalist and gather herbs in a level 80-85 zone. If you need some Volatile Life and your auction house doesn’t have any affordable auctions posted, I would recommend you either find an herbalist to farm it for you or use your own herbalist.

Update: You can make a lot of gold with Volatile Life, but if you want to step it up and make thousands of gold you should read my personal favorite guide.

Where to Farm Volatile Life

You can use any of the following level 85 Herbalism farming routes:

  1. Twilight Jasmine
  2. Whiptail
  3. Cinderbloom
  4. Heartblossom

Farming Volatile Life in Mt. Hyjal

Possibly one of the best places to farm Volatile Life, using Herbalism, is in Mt. Hyjal. It’s loaded with Cinderbloom which contains Volatile Life. There are also a lot of other herbs which will have Volatile Life in them when you gatherer them. Use the following route to optimize the amount of Volatile Life and Cinderbloom that you find:

Farming Cinderbloom in Hyjal

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  1. You can also farm volatile life from skinning. While skinning, you may get a Strangely Bloated Stomach. More often than not, Volatile Life will be in it. If not, then one of the other elements will be.

  2. IT is hard to farm

  3. My fave place to farm for volatile lifes is Deepholm. Plenty of herbs and its a lonely place 😀

  4. i aggre with hedda :mrgreen:

  5. i aggre with hedda :mrgreen: 😛

  6. the best and easiest place is to go up and down the river in uldum. simple path, LOTS of herbs

  7. I’m getting a lot of volatile life from the herbs in Vashj’ir. Go to stormwind around lvl 80 and pick up a quest that takes to you vashj’ir, do the quests until you get a seahorse mount (wont take long) and just zoom around picking all the herbs.

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