Farming Volatile Air

Volatile Air
Volatile Air
Item Level: 83
Where to Farm: Uldum or Twilight Highlands
Recommended Level: 84+

Volatile Air is usually the most valuable volatiles on the auction house but it’s one of the easier to farm. You do not need skinning or anything special to farm Volatile Air, just some time and a level 85 character. If you are an Engineer, you can equip an Electrostatic Condenser which will give you a chance to gather Volatile Air while gathering with Herbalism, Skinning and Mining. You can also farm it from air elementals in either Uldum or Twilight Highlands. Volatile Air sells from 15 gold to 30 gold on most realms, depending on their population and sells best in stacks of 1, 2, 5, 20 and 30s.

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Where to Farm Volatile Air

Farming Volatile Air in Vortex Pinnacle

Off the south shore of Uldum is the instance Vortex Pinnacle. Not many players do it anymore because the 3 new patch 4.3 heroics tend to attract everyone’s attention instead. One of the best ways to farm Volatile Air is to head directly into the regular difficulty VP (not heroic). The elementals near the beginning and throughout have a very high chance of dropping Volatile Air and are easy enough for most well geared players (with ilvl 360+) to farm on their own. I don’t play every class, so you’ll have to figure out the best way to solo these guys on your own. If you want to share your method please do in the comments.

Farming Volatile Air in Uldum

Probably the best place to farm Volatile Air is in Uldum. The Scions of Al’Akir and the Sweeping Winds in Orsis have a 10-15% drop rate, are all over the place and are pretty easy to kill.

Farming Volatile Air in Twilight Highlands

The next best place to farm Volatile Air is in Twilight Highlands north of Victor’s Point. These air elementals have a slightly lower chance of dropping Volatile Air than those in Uldum but are still suitable for farming Volatile Air. Look for the mobs called Storm Vortex here:

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  1. I hear regular Vortex Pinnacle trash is also a good source that can be solo farmed by some classes.

  2. Seriously. You left out the enslaved tempests! Those little buggers will not only thank and buff you upon death, they also have other elements around and have the highest drop rate in the game. They are located all around BOT. Wowhead: 😡

    • I don’t enjoy searching for Enslaved Tempests in that area, there are just not enough and they don’t drop enough Volatire Airs in my opinion. Thanks for sharing!

  3. VP cannot be solo’d by a 375 ilvl fire mage. I tried it several times, and only managed to kill one.

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