Farming Titanium Ore

Titanium Ore
Titanium Ore
Item Level: 80
Where to Farm: Icecrown
Skill Requirement: Mining Level 450
Recommended Level: 79+

Titanium Ore is the rare ore in Northrend. It sells from 7 to 30 gold each depending on your realm and whether or not its even available for sale and whether or not someone wants some. Its mostly bought by players who want to make end-game level 80 gear for fun, need a Titanium Rod for enchanting or are having a hard time leveling their profession. It’s good to have a few of these posted on the auction house at all times to make sure that you can capitalize when someone is in search of Titanium. Post a variety of small and big stacks of ore and bar on a consistent basis and you will have good success.

You should be at least level 79 and have level 450 mining. You are also going to find a lot of Saronite Ore, since it shares the same spawn locations as Titanium Ore. Don’t skip Saronite Veins, especially if you are mining for a long time. If you empty a Saronite Vein it might come back as a Titanium Vein.

Update: You can make a lot of gold with Titanium Ore, but if you want to step it up and make thousands of gold you should read my personal favorite guide.

Where to Farm Titanium Ore

Farming Titanium Ore in Icecrown

The best place to farm Titanium Ore is in Icecrown. Like mentioned above, make sure you clear out Saronite Veins so that they can come back as Titanium Veins later. Follow the mining route below, zig zagging as you go over wide cliff areas. Veins are often located near areas with monsters, so if you’re not level 85 you will have to fend them off. Run this U shaped route to find the most Titanium Veins:

Farming Titanium Ore in Icecrown

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  1. Yea guide works soooooo great spent 4 hours farming and walked away with 1 whole stack!

    • By the way if you can’t tell im being sarcastic….Storm peaks is much better spent a hour there and got 4 stacks…

      • Thanks for the info man. Results may vary. I test every route here and it wouldn’t be on this site if it didn’t work at some point. When players like you comment I recheck the routes to see if they still work.

      • Why is WoW so full of sarcastic, linguistically challenged prigs? Frankly, if you spent four hours in fruitless videogame labor, you only have yourself to blame.

  2. Love your guides mate but fail on this one.
    2 hrs for no Titanium ore until I left and scored on in wintergasp on way out.
    Let me know if u can find better,Love your work thanks.

  3. worked good for me got all 36 I needed in about 1 1/2 to 2 hours

  4. Ok I may not have got a lot of Titanium from here, bu i did luck out with a lot of Saronite coupled with crystallized Earth and Shadow which were great because my character is also a Jewelcrafter. So worked for me in that way

  5. If you really want to make use of a great tool for farming nodes, use zygors and just set it for what level nodes you want to farm, ie level 400 will take you to all the cobalt mines. pathing is similar to how they have this set up. mad stacks of ores in an hour for prospecting or mining.

  6. Titansteel armor is much in demand and goes for thousands of dollars so I farm Wintergrasp. One round I get 10 titanium and saronite I can transmute and the second round I go after the eternals for titansteel. I make $50,000 in a weekend

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