Farming Silver Ore

Silver Ore
Silver Ore
Item Level: 10
Where to Farm: Hillsbrad Foothills or Northern Stranglethorn
Skill Requirement: Mining Level 65+
Recommended Level: 20+

Silver Veins show up in the same places as Tin Veins do. So in order to farm Silver Ore, you can follow the same maps/routes as you did when you were farming Tin. Except when you’re farming silver, you’ll want to make sure that you mine all the other veins that they ca respawn as silver.

Silver is needed by all the major metal using professions: Jewelcrafting, Engineering and Blacksmithing, so it will sell quickly and at high prices on the auction house. A lot of times the auction house will be completely depleted of silver so the prices will sky rocket as high as 50-100 gold for a stack. If your auction house has silver listed for less than 20 gold a stack, I recommend waiting until the price jumps up before selling what you’ve farmed.

Update: You can make a lot of gold with Silver, but if you want to step it up and make thousands of gold you should read my personal favorite guide.

Where to Farm Silver

Farming Silver Ore in Hillsbrad Foothills

Hillsbrad Foothills is probably the best place to farm Silver and Tin. Just head into the Ruins of Alterac and circle the outer edge near the mountains. Make sure you mine all the minerals you see so that each location has a chance of coming back as Silver. You can go south out of the ruins into the hills to find exta silver if you run out of places to mine inside the ruins.

Farming Silver Ore in Northern Stranglethorn

Northern Stranglethorn also has a large supply of Silver and Tin. Follow this route carefully it will take you by all of the main locations where these ores spawn.

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  2. hillsbrad = 1000000 tin 2 silver ….

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