Farming Rain Poppy

Rain Poppy
Rain Poppy
Item Level: 85
Where to Farm: Jade Forest
Skill Requirement: Herbalism Level 525
Recommended Level: 85+

Rain Poppy is the first herb you will encounter in Pandaria. It’s found exclusively in the Pandaria starting zone Jade Forest. It’s still valuable because it is actually one of the easier herbs to farm and it sells in high volume to scribes who want to mill herbs for pigments.

Rain Poppy sells best in stacks of 20 and should sell for 20-40 gold per stack. Since it’s one of the cheapest herbs, you can usually post 10-20 stacks at a time at high prices and expect them to sell in a few days.

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Where to Farm Rain Poppy

Rain Poppy is only found in Jade Forest, so this is our only choice for farming. It spawns near large water sources, especially the inland pools in the center and southern parts of the zone. It’s not found along the coast, but instead only by inland lakes and rivers.

Farming Rain Poppy in Jade Forest

The best place to farm rain poppy is by flying up and down the rivers in Jade Forest.  After you fly down the river, head back up hitting as many of the pools as you can. The following route will work perfectly for this:

Farming Rain Poppy in Jade Forest

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