Farming Obsidium Ore

Obsidium Ore
Obsidium Ore
Item Level: 81
Where to Farm: Deepholm or Mt. Hyjal
Skill Requirement: Mining Level 425
Recommended Level: 80+

Obsidium Ore is the lowest level ore added in Cataclysm. It is found in the first three zones of Cataclysm, Vashj’ir, Mt. Hyjal and Deepholm. It sells anywhere from 1 gold to 4 gold per ore or 2 to 8 gold per bar depending on your realm. It sells best in stacks of 20 Obsidium Ore or 20 Obsidium Bars. It’s used in leveling Blacksmithing and for prospecting gems as a Jewelcrafter. If you want to farm Obsidium you need to be level 425 mining and ideally have access to Deepholm which you receive at level 82.

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Where to Farm Obsidium

Farming Obsidium Ore in Deepholm

The best place to farm Obsidum is in Deepholm. This is because you will also get Elementium Ore and there is just a lot more ore available here than there is in either Mt. Hyjal or Vashj’ir. You will want to be level 82 so that you can enter this zone and be high enough level to kill any mobs that bother you while you’re flying around. You can use the same route as you would if you are farming elementium when you farm obsidium:

Farming Obsidium Ore in Mt. Hyjal

If you’re not level 82 yet, or if you don’t care for Deepholm you can still farm Obsidium in Mt. Hyjal. It’s a great place to level mining because you won’t run into Elementium Deposits which you may not be able to mine yet. Mt. Hyjal might also be a better place to collect Obsidium because there isn’t any Elementium in the way.

There isn’t enough Obsidium Ore in Vashj’ir to make it worth it to farm there. You will find a lot of it in the Abyssal Depths but it’s still not worth it. I wouldn’t go to Vashj’r to farm Obsidium Ore.

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  1. im sure you mean 82 but all in all great routes really helped alot lvling bs

  2. I found the best place to farm Obsidium to be Vashj’ir (Shimmering Expanse – Silver Tide Trench). The respawn rates are incredibly fast and the route is very simple.

    • I can vouch for that. The author needs to adjust this article. Deepholm’s a good place to farm obsidium but farming Shimmering Expanse – Silver Tide Trench- is simply the fastest way to gather obsidium

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