Farming Neatherweave Cloth

Item Level: 60
Where to Farm: Blood Furnace or Netherstorm
Recommended Level: 67+

Farming Netherweave Cloth requires you travel to the Outlands. Netherweave will drop from any group of humanoids between level 60 and 70. You’ll find more from the higher level guys and more from the ones inside dungeons. Tailors need Netherweave and so do new players leveling First Aid, on most realms the price fluctuates between 10 silver and 1 gold per cloth, which is 2 – 20 gold per stack. If you need a lot of it and you’re level 85 you can head into and plow through Outlands dungeons, otherwise there are a few patches of humanoids that you can farm if you’re still in your 60s.

Update: You can make a lot of gold with Netherweave, but if you want to step it up and make thousands of gold you should read my personal favorite guide.

Where to Farm Netherweave

Farming Netherweave inside Blood Furnace

The best place to farm Netherweave is inside Blood Furnace. You can clear the whole dungeon in about 10 minutes and collect 4-5 stacks of Netherweave. You can abort before the second boss to save time. Just run out and reset the instance by right clicking your portrait ad going to reset instance. You can run Blood Furnace 5 times every hour and collect about 25 stacks an hour. This should be enough to level Tailoring. You’ll probably want to be level 80 or so before you try to do this though. If you do it properly, you will spend more time looting for cloth than you do fighting. If you get bored of Blood Furnace fly over to The Botanica in Tempest Keep.

Farming Netherweave in Blood Furnace

Farming Netherweave in Netherstorm

The next best place to farm Netherweave is in Netherstorm. There are several Manaforges located around the zone swarming with Blood Elves. There are also Orcs, Ethereals and Draenei around the zone. Basically, if you can’t find Netherweave in Netherstorm you shouldn’t be farming. You should be at least level 67 or 68 to farm here. Here are some of my favorite places, there are probably others:

Farming Netherweave in Netherstorm

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  1. this mite not be the quickest way to farm netherweave, but i find it easiest to set duneon onto heroic’s and run dungeons, tend to pick up some decent gear as well 🙂

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