Farming Mithril Ore

Mithril Ore
Mithril Ore
Item Level: 40
Where to Farm: Felwood or The Badlands
Skill Requirement: Mining Level 150
Recommended Level: 45+

Mithril Bars sell in high volume on most realms. Blacksmiths need a lot of Mithril to level their Blacksmithing. Mithril is also really easy to farm. You’ll need to be level 45-50 before you try to farm it and you will need level 150 Mining. Sell these in stacks of 20 and keep a lot of them posted at the same time. Mithril is the primary ore found in zones that are level 40-50 but you will find it in higher density in zones that are 45-50.

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Where to Farm Mithril

Farming Mithril Ore in Felwood

The best place to farm Mithril Ore is Felwood. This is also where you would go to farm Gold Ore, but you’ll find mostly Mithril Veins. There aren’t a lot of enemies to slow you down, especially if you’re a high level. You can zoom around the edges of this zone pretty quickly and collect a lot of Mithril Ore. Here is the best farming route in Felwood:

Farming Mithril Ore in Felwood

Farming Mithril Ore in the Badlands

The next best place to farm Mithril Ore is in the Badlands. This place is huge, so an epic mount is a must. Run around the edges of the zone counter clockwise collecting Mithril. You’ll want to be at least level 46-48 if you expect to have an easy timing farming here. There is almost zero veins in the clearings of the Badlands, so stick to the cliffs around the edge of the map:

Farming Mithril in the Badlands

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