Farming Knothide Leather

Knothide Leather
Knothide Leather
Item Level: 60
Where to Farm: Nagrand or Netherstorm
Skill Requirement: Skinning Level 325
Recommended Level: 65+

Knothide Leather is a great leather to farm. It’s one of the more obscure leathers to see on the auction house but it is still needed from level 300 to 375 Leatherworking. Players will need a lot of regular Knotehide Leather as well as some Heavy Knothide Leather before they even get to Borean Leather. Knothide Leather sells in stacks of 10 and 20 on the auction house for anywhere from 50 silver to 8 gold per leather. That’s 10 gold to 160 gold per stack. It tends to sit around 40 gold per stack on most realms though.

To farm this effectively you will want to be about level 325. You can start skinning level 60 mobs at 300 in Hellfire Peninsula but you will find much more leather if you’re 325 killing level 65 or higher mobs. Honestly you can find any pack of beasts in the Outlands and get a decent amount of Knotehide Leather. Mosts spot, though, have the beasts spread out a lot or mixed with other mobs.

Update: You can make a lot of gold with Knothide Leather, but if you want to step it up and make thousands of gold you should read my personal favorite guide.

Where to Farm Knothide Leather

Farming Knothide Leather in Nagrand

The best place to farm Knothide Leather is in Nagrand. There are beasts all over the northern part of this zone. Including Talbuks, Clefthoofs and Windrocs. They range from level 65-67. You’ll find the most in this area on the map otherwise you can just circle the zone and find big packs of beasts to slaughter. Just stay away from the orcs and elementals.

Farming Knothide Leather in Nagrand

Farming Knothide Leather in Netherstorm

The next best place to farm Knothide Leather is in Netherstorm. This works best if you’re level 68 or higher since you will be killing Barbscale Crocolisks which are level 68-69. These guys are in Ecodome Midrealm which is located smack dead in the middle of Netherstorm. There are plenty of crocs and they have a decent chance to drop Knotehide Leather.

Farming Knotehide Leather in Netherstorm


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  1. or else go karazan (on a high lvl with skinning)
    go in and clear every trash mob of the bats and plaguehounds, go out, reset and repeat. i got over 300 leather in 5 runs.

  2. eco-dome farfield in northern part of netherstorm a good little spot for leather, never seen any other players there the few times I’ve farmed there, and it’s pure knothide leather, haven’t gotten any other leathers, hides or scraps from the raptors there

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