Farming Goldthorn

Item Level: 34
Where to Farm: SM Cathedral, Hinterlands or Arathi Highlands
Skill Requirement: Herbalism Level 150
Recommended Level: 26+

Once you’re level 26-27 and have your herbalism up to level 150 you can start farming Goldthorn in Arathi Highlands. At level 30 you can go to the Hinterlands and if you’re max level head to SM Cathedral. Goldthorn is a very rare herb, not a lot of people farm it and not a lot of people sell very much of it. This is good and bad. It’s bad because not many people with Inscription will want to pay this much just to mill the herb. It’s good because anyone who is leveling Alchemy who needs Goldthorn will have to pay a lot for it, but you don’t need much Goldthorn to level Alchemy. In reality, Goldthorn sells anywhere from 2 to 20 gold per herb. So if you’re level 26 or higher this is one of the best ways to farm for extra income.

Update: You can make a lot of gold with Goldthorn, but if you want to step it up and make thousands of gold you should read my personal favorite guide.

Where to Farm Goldthorn

Farming Goldthorn in Cathedral – Scarlet Monastery

The best place to farm Goldthorn is inside the Cathedral in SM. You will find 2-5 Goldthorn per run and several Liferoot. This is only efficient if you’re a high level character though who can sneak by or one-shot the mobs. Run to the end (don’t enter the building itself) and then back to the beginning making a big loop. You can reset the instance 5 times every hour, allowing you to at least a stack and hopefully more in an hour. Considering how much Goldthorn is worth this is great. Combine Cathedral runs with Hinterlands loops and you will be able to farm Goldthorn nonstop.

Farming Goldthorn in Hinterlands

The second best place to farm Goldthorn is in the Hinterlands. I originally had Arathi Highlands in #1 position but after re-evaluating it’s just not as good. The reason Hinterlands is better is because there is less of an area to scan. In Hinterlands there are only about one or two dozen possible spawn areas (marked in red on the map). Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see much, they can spawn while you’re farming.

Farming Goldthorn in Hinterlands

Farming Goldthorn in Arathi Highlands

The next best place to farm Goldthorn is in Arathi. This place is huge, so you have to cover the whole zone in this very picky loop. You can easily miss a Goldthorn if you’re not paying attention. Many players have reported terrible results here (see comments) so farm at your own risk.

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  1. Devin Moravec

    This place actually was not very good. I found maybe 3 nodes after 2 runs. I tried out The Hinterlands for fun, and actually found it fairly fruitful with Goldthorn.

  2. Tried out Arathi and I found about 2-3 goldthorn nodes after 3 runs. Then I tried Hinterlands after reading this and was able to find around 6 goldthorn nodes in less than 2. 😮

  3. Arathi Highlands does have a lot of goldthorn, they grow mostly on the rocks or near the cliffs.

    however, you have to get the bends in the middle of the map right, or you will miss a lot of them.

    For this reason, i recommend going to Hinterlands, because you wont miss any there, and it seems to have the same amount of nodes, but in a smaller area.

    Also, SM cathedral has goldthorn.

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