Farming Exotic Leather

Exotic Leather
Exotic Leather
Item Level: 86
Where to Farm: Dread Wastes or Valley of the Four Winds
Skill Requirement: Skinning Level 500+
Recommended Level: 86+

Exotic Leather is the main type of leather in Mists of Pandaria. It’s very valuable, usually worth anywhere from 2 to 6 gold each. It tends to be more valuable on smaller realms and less valuable on larger ones. It’s used by Leatherworkers and sells best in stacks of 20.

You can find it from just about any beast in Pandaria. You also will find Sha-Touched Leather, which you can combine 5 of into a single Exotic Leather if you’re a Leatherworker. Otherwise, you’ll have to sell the Sha-Touched Leather in its raw form or find a Leatherworker to convert it for you.

Update: You can make a lot of gold with Exotic Leather, but if you want to step it up and make thousands of gold you should read my personal favorite guide.

Where to Farm Exotic Leather

Farming Sha-Touched Leather and Exotic Leather is easier than in past expansions. Your goal will be to find densely packed, high-level beasts. They should have a fast respawn rate and low hit points. As a bonus, if you could find beasts that are killed by players doing daily quests, looted and left to the wayside, you can farm even more leather per hour.

Farming Exotic Leather in Dread Wastes

Spot #1: The best place to farm Exotic Leather is in Dread Wastes just north of Star Lake. Here you will find Coldbite Crocolisks (along the shore), Chillwater Turtles (also along the shore) and Horrorscale Scorpids (along the ridge). There are Klaxxi dailies that send players here, so you will find PvP and already dispatched beasts waiting.

Make sure you kill your share of turtles, these will drop Prismatic Scales from time to time.

Spot #2: The second spot to farm Exotic Leather and Sha-Touched Leather is along the western coast overlooking the sea. Here you will find Ruby Venomtails and Dread Scarabs. There are a lot of these and they can be skinned for leather.

Farming Exotic Leather in Dread Wastes

Farming Exotic Leather in Valley of the Four Winds

The second best place to farm Exotic Leather is in Valley of the Four Winds. There are Mushan all over this zone, so many that they might as well call the zone Valley of the Many Mushan. You can find these almost everywhere. They are level 86, so this spot might work even if you’re only level 85-86.

Farming Exotic Leather in Valley of the Four Winds

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  1. the best spot that i have found for sha leather so far is killing the gorilla’s on the northern island of townslong steppes, there quick to kill as a lvl 90 and there’s plenty of them

    hope this of use to beta farmers

    • Awesome dude, have you checked this spot since release? I just updated this guide for Mists of Pandaria with some new locations.

  2. Windward Isle (Jade Forrest) has a tom of turtles. As a 90 windwalker monk I can pull 20+ turtles (mostly 87, some 90) at a whack and the healing orbs from the 87’s keep me plenty healthy. I can do 8 – 10 stacks of leather and a couple stacks of turtle meat an hour easy…

  3. I have been farming the turtles in Valley of the four winds… they are to th right of pools of purity and they have a RAPID respawn. I havent been able to skin the scorpion groups in Dread wastes by the Lake of stars for awhile now, don’t know if they took that out?

  4. One of the best places I found is the stone gathering area in Northern Barrens. So many people kill the Kor’kron flameworgs, you don’t even have to kill a thing!

  5. the best and safest I have found is the Azure Prickly Crawler in Zouchat Strand they regenerate fairly quickly and you don’t have to worry about agro’ing 2 or 3 other mobs

  6. best place i have found so far is over on welfare island where the turtles are ppl kill and leave them lay…who can pass free leather ???? not this girl JS. 😈

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