Farming Elementium Ore

Elementium Ore
Elementium Ore
Item Level: 83
Where to Farm: Deepholm, Twilight Highlands and Uldum
Skill Requirement: Mining Level 475
Recommended Level: 82+

Elementium Ore is one of the second most popular ores to farm as a miner. It sells for anywhere from 1 to 3 gold before it’s smelted and twice that in its bar form. It sells best as either stack of 20 Elementium Ore or stacks of 20 Elementium Bars. To farm Elementium Ore you only need level 475 mining, so you can get started farming it early. You can mine it from Elementium Veins and Rich Elementium Veins in Deepholm, Twilight Highlands and Uldum. While you’re farming Elementium, you will also find gems, Volatile Fire, Volatile Water, Volatile Earth and if you’re an Engineer with an Electrostatic Condenser you will also find Volatile Air.

Update: You can make a lot of gold with Elementium, but if you want to step it up and make thousands of gold you should read my personal favorite guide.

Where to Farm Elementium

Farming Elementium Ore in Twilight Highlands

The best place to farm Elementium is in Twilight Highlands. The benefit of going here is that you will also find Pyrite Ore at the same time. If you’re an Herbalist you will also find Twilight Jasmine here and there. You can use this farming route which also works for farming Elementium and Pyrite:

Farming Elementium Ore in Deepholm

The second best place to farm Elementium Ore is Deepholm, if you only want Elementium. If you want the chance to collect Pyrite / Pyrium at the same time, you can go to Twilight Highland or Uldum. Deepholm is huge and has a lot of Elementium Veins in it and you shouldn’t bump into a lot of people while farming there. The mobs are also not level 85, so they will be easier to kill if they are in your way. Here is an Elementium Farming route in Deepholm:

Farming Elementium Ore in Uldum

You can also go to Uldum to farm Elementium. Just like in Twilight Highlands, you will also find Pyrite here. If you’re a Herbalist you’ll find Whiptail along the rivers. You should follow the same route that I recommend for farming Pyrite in Uldum, since the spawn locations of Elementium and Pyrite are exactly the same.

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  1. ok so i went and mined in deepholm and didnt find shit… like maybe 3 ore … waist

  2. I spent about 90 minutes in Deepholm and came out with over 100 Elementium Ore. There must have been someone else mining in the area when you were there John.
    Much thanks to the Admin for taking the time to make this guide!

  3. Hey.. Was just mining in Twilight and I had trouble finding stuff… but never ran into anyone along the way.. I only found like 3 or 4 nodes

  4. Thanks for the guide, I’ve been pulling about 4-6 stacks of Elementium an hour the past week or so 🙂

  5. LOTS of obsidium in deepholm, very little elementium for me. Made a haul in twilight and uldum so i’ll stick to them. Could just be my server or the time I was farming but that’s how it worked out for me.

  6. This guide is fail…. deepholm is the worst place to mine ever, twilight highlands all the way. get easy 15+ stacks in an hour there

    • I’m not sure about ‘fail’ considering its the most kickass guide ever. But I did switch the order because some others have been hating on Deepholm too. Thanks man!

  7. In twillight highlands just go to the cave thingy in bastion of twillight area loads of elemntium and pyrium spawn there to, are mobs there though, but from start to of cave and to the end, when you reach the end the nodes7veins starts to respawn in the start, so you dont need to leave the cave at all

  8. daivd yourmilk gobstopper

    This guide has deepholm and as much as I hate it im finding it used by everyone to mine so the spawn is cray to figure out even this late in the game, however where you do the dailies theres a ton of ore to mine, and using mining add ons and tracking the nodes and last mined i can tell you its been two weeks for me to catch some places on respawn because it is so popular. However i can still make it suffiecent and I tried uld on my server but I didnt have any luck there, not even when I was leveling mining it was just void of everything

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