Farming Deepsea Scales

Deepsea Scale
Deepsea Scale
Item Level: 85
Skill Requirement: Skinning Level 410+
Recommended Level: 82+

Deepsea Scales are used by Leatherworkers to craft several of their level 80-85 Leatherworking gear. They are also reasonably easy to farm and worth about 4-5 gold each on the auction house. Although they are worth as much as 40 gold on some realms. Needless to say, if you want to make some gold and prices are right, you should farm Deepsea Scales.

You will also need level 410 or so Skinning, since these are earned by skinning mobs all over the new Cataclysm zones. Despite how slow they will sell, they will sell best in stacks of 20 on the auction house.

Update: You can make a lot of gold with Deepsea Scales, but if you want to step it up and make thousands of gold you should read my personal favorite guide.

Where to Farm Deepsea Scales

Farming Deepsea Scales in Feralas

Believe it or not the best place to farm Deepsea Scales is in Feralas. In the southern part of the zone there is a lake loaded with King Crawlers. These will give you Deepsea Scales about 1/4 of the time and Savage Leather the other 3/4 of the time. Just head there with your skinner and start farming.

Farming Deep Sea Scales in Feralas

Farming Deepsea Scales in Uldum

It’s admittedly quicker to head to Uldum using the Cataclysm portal system. Here you will find Stillwater Slitherers just south of Ramkahen. It’s not to hard to swim around this lake slaughtering and skinning these snakes, so it’s definitely a great place to farm Deepsea Scales.

Farming Deepsea Scales in Uldum

Farming Deepsea Scales from Tank in Tol’Barad

The last option I give you is Tank in Tol’Barad. The problem is that he doesn’t always spawn in the same place and can be difficult to swim to. Stay near the top of the water and use your flying mount after you kill him, he should respawn right away. I’m not sure if this is a faster way to farm or not, but it might be worth a try. He’ll drop more Deepsea Scales than your typical mob but you’ll also have to deal with other PvP players and possibly quest goers if this is the daily quest.

Farming Deepsea Scales from Tank in Tol'Barad

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