Farming Cobalt Ore

Cobalt Ore
Cobalt Ore
Item Level: 72
Where to Farm: Zul'Drak, Howling Fjord or Borean Tundra
Skill Requirement: Mining Level 350
Recommended Level: 70+

Cobalt Ore is great to farm, it is usually worth between 1 and 5 gold on most realms. It’s used a lot by Blacksmiths, Engineers and by prospecting Jewelcrafters. It is the lowest level and most abundant herb in Northrend. You should be at least level 68-69 to farm and have decent gear. To farm Cobalt you will need the Wrath of the Lich King expansion pack, travel to Northrend and start farming in either Howling Fjord, Zul’Drak or Borean Tundra (detail below). You will need to have a level 350 miner as well.

Update: You can make a lot of gold with Cobalt, but if you want to step it up and make thousands of gold you should read my personal favorite guide.

Where to Farm Cobalt

Farming Cobalt Ore in Zul’Drak

The best place to farm Cobalt Ore is in Zul’Drak. There are tons of Cobalt Veins and not many Saronite Veins. The veins are mostly located on the hills and near the walls, follow this mining route clockwise using a flying mount to find the most cobalt ore.

Farming Cobalt in Zul'Drak

Farming Cobalt Ore in Borean Tundra

The next best placeĀ  to farm Cobalt Ore is in Borean Tundra. Borean is loaded with Cobalt Ore, a little less than Zul’Drak but the zone is easier to fly around. Circle the outer edges of the peninsula and then fly out to Coldarra and then around the Nexus, head back to land and return to the edges. Circle the Geyser Fields and then continue following the shoreline.

Farming Cobalt Ore in Borean Tundra

Farming Cobalt Ore in Howling Fjord

Howling Fjord is also an excellent place to farm Cobalt Ore. Although, Howling Fjord is HUGE and the veins are spread out a little bit more. Use this mining map to navigate the zone if you want to optimize the number of veins you find:

Farming Cobalt Ore in Howling Fjord

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