Farming Cinderbloom

Item Level: 81
Where to Farm: Deepholm, Twilight Highlands and Mt. Hyjal
Skill Requirement: Herbalism Level 425
Recommended Level: 80+

Cinderbloom is a popular herb for milling pigments and creating elixirs, flasks and potions as an Alchemist. It’s a great herb to farm along with Twilight Jasmine (in Twilight Highlands) or in Deepholm by itself. After farming Cinderbloom you can sell it on the auction house, usually for 20-40 gold per stack of 20. You need to have at least 425 Herbalism before trying to farm Cinderbloom. See the routes below to find the best places to farm it.

Update: You can make a lot of gold with Cinderbloom, but if you want to step it up and make thousands of gold you should read my personal favorite guide.

Where to Farm Cinderbloom

Farming Cinderbloom in Deepholm

The best place to farm Cinderbloom is in Deepholm. You can find it all over the Needlerock Chasm, on the northern edge of The Pale Roost and in Deathwing’s Fall in the south east. You will also find a lot of Heartblossom in this zone, it will also sell on the auction house in stacks of 20. Here is a great Cinderbloom farming route:

Farming Cinderbloom in Twilight Highlands

Another one of the best Cinderbloom farming spots is in Twilight Highlands, this is because you can farm Twilight Jasmine at the same time. Twilight Jasmine is found in the green areas of Twilight Highlands while Cinderbloom is found in the scorched areas. There isn’t enough Cinderbloom in one scorched area to stay there forever though, so you can fly from one to the other farming both herbs at once. Here is a great Cinderbloom farming route in Twilight Highlands:

Farming Cinderbloom in Mt. Hyjal

A favorite of many players and recommended to be personally by the audience of WoW Farming is Mt. Hyjal. It’s packed with a surprising amount of Cinderbloom, all a great source of Volatile Life. I tested Mt. Hyjal out msyelf and sure enough there is a ton of Cinderbloom here and it’s a great place to farm it. Follow the route below to optimize the amount of Cinderbloom and Volatile Life that you find:

Farming Cinderbloom in Hyjal

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  1. Lacey Meddins

    Thank you 🙂 Found this very helpful :mrgreen:

  2. Hyjal is the best for volatile life >.> every herb there drops volatile life and its stacked with cinderbloom

  3. The route in the Twilight Highlands gives a considerable amount of Twilight Jasmine. So far, I’ve come back with more Jasmine than Cinderbloom.

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