Farming Borean Leather

Borean Leather
Borean Leather
Item Level: 70
Where to Farm: Sholazar Basin or Storm Peaks
Skill Requirement: Skinning Level 375
Recommended Level: 75+

Borean Leather is a great leather to farm if you have Skinning at level 375 or higher. It sells great on the auction house, for anywhere from 80 silver to 5 gold each. That’s 20 gold to 100 gold a stack and there are many many stacks waiting to be skinned off beasts in Northrend. A big reason why it’s so valuable is that very few people want to go back to Northrend to farm this stuff and very few players level through Northrend with Skinning. So the supply of Borean Leather is very low. You can go farm this stuff for a day and then sell it over the next week bringing in big bucks over the next few days. I find that Borean Leather sells really good in stacks of 10 and 20.

Update: You can make a lot of gold with Borean Leather, but if you want to step it up and make thousands of gold you should read my personal favorite guide.

Where to Farm Borean Leather

Farming Borean Leather in Sholazar Basin

The best place to farm Borean Leather is in Sholazar Basin, really. There isn’t a place that comes close to Sholazar considering all the beasts that prowl the valley. It actually turns out that the Gorillas in Sholazar are better than slaughtering the beasts all over the rest of the zone. Head to the southeast and kill Hardknuckle Chargers and Hardknuckle Foragers while skinning all the Borean Leather you could ever dream of:

Farming Borean Leather in Sholazar Basin

Farming Borean Leather in Storm Peaks

The second best place to farm Borean Leather is in the caves in Storm Peaks. There are dozens of Cavedweller Worgs that dwell in the caves… They have a great chance of giving you leather but they can respawn too slowly and this can be really annoying if you’re in a cave where you can’t take off and fly away. Otherwise this is an awesome place to farm Borean Leather:

Farming Borean Leather in Storm Peaks

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  1. i find just north of nesingwary base camp good as well, few quests there that require ppl to kill a lot of beasts, a lot of free skins if ya can get them to full loot 🙂

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