Farming Azshara’s Veil

Azshara's Veil
Azshara's Veil
Item Level: 82
Where to Farm: Vashj'ir
Skill Requirement: Herbalism Level 425
Recommended Level: 82+

Azshara’s Veil is useful in crafting Cataclysm consumables but also when leveling Alchemy. Each new Alchemists will usually go through 2 stacks of Azshara’s Veil to level their alchemy. You will also be able to sell some to scribes who are making glyphs. They sell best in stacks of 5, 10, 15 and 20 and sell for 2 gold on most realms.

You will need level 425 herbalism and I recommend either Fishing or having the seahorse mount from Vashj’ir. Azshara grows near watery areas, streams and lakes so you can even find it in Mt. Hyjal (but not much). Once you’re level 82 you can go to Vashj’ir and farm it or once you can stand on the coast of any Cataclysm zone you can fish it up.

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Where to Farm Azshara's Veil

Farming Azshara’s Veil in Abyssal Depths

The best place to farm Azshara’s Veil is in Abyssal Depths because you will find a lot of it along with a good amount of Stormvine. Circle all the way around L’Ghorek and then work your way around the northern edge of the zone but don’t go into the Abyssal Breach. This farming route should help:

Farming Azshara's Veil in Abyssal Depths

Farming Azshara’s Veil in Shimmering Expanse

The second best place to farm Azshara’s Veil is in Shimmer Expanse. Again you will want your sea horse mount and then what you will find is that Azshara’s Veil is only in select areas. Follow the farming route below carefully or you won’t have much luck:

Farming Azshara's Veil in Shimmering Expanse

Fishing Azshara’s Veil

You can fish up Azshara’s Veil just about anywhere within the Cataclysm zones. The best place to fish Azshara’s Veil is probably in Uldum where you can fish anywhere along the southern coast. Although the drop rate is pretty much the same everywhere.  The best part about fishing is that all you have to do is be able to get your character somewhere that it can stand safely without being attacked and it can fish up all the Azshara’s Veil in the world.

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  1. some of the things i dont like about the herb farming routes are thing like “The best place to farm Azshara’s Veil… along with a good amount of Stormvine” please, if you are going to suggest a place as the best, make sure its mostly consistent with the herb in question, not because you get others along the way

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