MoP Blacksmithing (525-600)

Welcome to my Mists of Pandaria (MoP) Blacksmithing Guide. I’ll show you how to get from either level 500 or 525 to level 600 the fastest and most efficient way possible. There’s no need to waste gold leveling, you can actually make a lot of it back by selling mats. If you’re smart you’ll read about how to make gold so that you’re never poor again.

There are three new ores in MoP:

  • Ghost Iron Ore – early level ore, similar to Obsidium in Cataclysm
  • Kyparite – mid level ore, only found around Kyparite Trees in Dread Wastes and Townlong Steppes. You can not smelt Kyparite.
  • Black Trillium Ore & White Trillium Ore – Very rare. Miners combine two of each and get a single Trillium Bar.

With out ore you won’t go anywhere with Blacksmithing, so either take out your pocket book or load up your Miner and start farming.

Leveling Blacksmithing

Leveling Blacksmithing

If you level Blacksmithing from 500-600 you’ll need at least 267 Ghost Iron Bars, if you’re already 525 you can get to 600 with only 242 Ghost Iron Bars. Results may vary slightly, but that should give you a good idea of what you’re getting yourself into. You’ll also need a single Spirit of Harmony to get from 575 to 600. Otherwise, that’s all you need!

Levels 500-526

Due to the way that Blacksmithing levels are designed, we want to make sure that we hit level 575 exactly, not 576 or 574. This will ensure we don’t spend more Ghost Iron Bars than we would otherwise need. To do this, we want to start at level 526. Until level 526, you can gain 5 levels each time you craft Ghost-Forger Bracers and 1 level for each Ghostly Skeleton Key. Craft these so that you stop at level 526 without going over.

* If you’re already level 525, craft Ghostly Skeleton Keys until you hit level 526. Don’t go over 526.
* Don’t forget to actually train Zen Master Blacksmithing, otherwise you’ll be stuck at level 525! 

Levels 526-532

There are several options at this stage, just make sure you land exactly at level 532 and no higher or lower.

Levels 532-559

The next three steps need to go exactly as follows. Make sure you aren’t tempted into crafting the Legplates, since that will throw off your level and screw everything up.

Levels 559-569

Next you can craft a Breastplate and a Helm (it’s easier to sell one of each):

Levels 569-575

This is the most expensive stage. But whatever you do, don’t use your Spirit of Harmonys! If it’s during the Darkmoon Faire I recommend doing Baby Needs Two Pair of Shoes quest, which rewards you 5 points to your Blacksmithing. Check your in-game calendar to see if the Darkmoon Faire is going on and if it is, save yourself 3-4 stacks of Ghost Iron Bars.

Otherwise, the cheapest option is to craft Ghost-Forged Shoulders until you hit 575. This is going to take anywhere from 6 to 12 crafts.

Update: You can make a lot of gold with Blacksmithing, but if you want to step it up and make thousands of gold you should read my personal favorite guide.

Levels 575-600

At level 575 your best bet is to spend 1 Spirit of Harmony at your faction’s Blacksmith vendor in your faction’s Pandaria capital. You’ll need to be able to access Vale of the Eternal Blossom, which requires that you complete the Temple of the White Tiger quest chain, then find your faction’s Blacksmithing vendor:

Horde: Jorunga Stonehoof in Shrine of the Two Moons
Alliance: Cullen Hammerbrow in Shrine of Seven Stars

You can pick any pattern you like but I recommend crafting a Contender’s piece (PvP gear) because it will sell on the auction house to new PvP characters.

Congrats on getting level 600 Blacksmithing!

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  1. Nice guide.

    Pro-tip: If you are trying to level Blacksmithing on a level 85 character, farm the spirit of harmony by killing any of the mobs you meet in the starter pandaria area. Once you have your 1 Spirit of Harmony, get a mage to port you to the Pandarian capital. You’ll be able to level all the way to 600 without leveling your character.

    • In reference to Breakya’s tip above, it doesn’t appear that you can farm the Motes of Harmony in The Jade Forest. I tried and failed. In researching further it appears the motes are mostly dropped from lvl 90 mobs as well as from dungeons and raid mobs. See this link:

      I hope this saves others the time I wasted.

      • The motes do NOT only drop from lvl 90 mobs. Their drop rate increases as the level of the mob does, but in my experience you can get them from lvl 86 on up (maybe even 85, though the rate is low).

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