Welcome to the ultimate World of Warcraft farming resource. Below is a list of WoW Farming guides that show the best ways to farm most level 85 items in World of Warcraft. Look below for guides on how to farm lower level items which can be extremely profitable.

Not level 600 yet? Our Mining Guide and Herbalism Guide will help you level up.

Farming OreTrillium Ore | Kyparite | Ghost Iron Ore | Farming Ore

Farming HerbsGolden Lotus | Fool’s CapRain Poppy | Green Tea Leaf
                                                  Snow Lily | Silkweed |  Farming Herbs

Farming LeatherExotic Leather | Prismatic Scales | Farming Leather

Farming Cloth Windwool Cloth | Farming Cloth

Not level 90 yet? There are still dozens of items that you can farm to make extra gold in Azeroth, Outlands and Northrend while you level!

  1. Levels 10-20 Farming Locations
  2. Levels 20-30 Farming Locations
  3. Levels 30-40 Farming Locations
  4. Levels 40-50 Farming Locations
  5. Levels 50-60 Farming Locations
  6. Levels 60-70 Farming Locations
  7. Levels 70-80 Farming Locations
  8. Levels 80-85 Farming Locations
  9. Levels 85-90 Farming Locations

Grinding 1-90 Leveling Guide

Instead of farming items directly, here are the best grinding areas for leveling. You’ll be able to reach level 90 without doing many quests, have a friend help you or dual box an existing level 90:

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Thanks for visiting WoW Farming! If you’re looking for a farming guide that isn’t listed above or if you’ve found an error somewhere, please leave a comment below.

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  1. Thanks for putting this together. Although I knew most of the spots already it is nice to have it centrally located and have a place I can point friends to go. I particularly like that you included a farming list for leveling. Thanks!

  2. I like a lot to farm while talking to friends on Raid Call. The main problem are the bots that unfortunatelly we find every day we go out to farm…

    About this source of informations, really really good job done here! =)

  3. Toms WoW Farming

    I love farming for items in world of warcraft to sell on the auction house. :mrgreen: great informations you have here and very detailed

  4. WOW this is a great place! all these mining maps are really helpful

  5. Thx u man very helpful guilds!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  6. Thanks for this awesome site man! You have really worked hard at making this a totally bookmarkable site for WoW. I bow to you

  7. This is hands down the best farming site. Better then alot of addons too. Glad that you still keep this up for us Noob players.

  8. Im now 525 mining! Thanks for putting this site together, it made lvling simple 😆 I hope you continue to keep the site updated soon as MOP comes out. Thanks again!

    -For the Horde!

  9. Dude thanks! You should put up a donate button!

  10. Hey man great site. Thanks for the farming for leveling tips. This is a great website to get heaps of wow strategies. 😀

  11. do u guys know where i can find lvl 90 haunting
    spirit for my leatherworking skill for lvl 522 armor

  12. why not add a Grinding Guide for Horde? I have two Alliance toons and tons of Horde toons. Mostly low level because I got tired of doing the same quests.

  13. Thank You great Website helps a lot.

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